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Recent Public Talks

  • Automating insurance claim processing: Using NLP methods to learn sparse spaces - at - SDS 2018 Slides
  • The surprising Utility of NLP algorithms on non Text data - at - SwissText 2018 - agenda
  • Machine Learning mustn't be a Black box - at - Certificate of Advanced Studies ZFH in Claims Management (12 ECTS) - slides
  • Real Life Benchmarking - at - SQL server 2016 launch event - slides
  • Digitize the Data Store - at - Common Sense 1702 - slides - video

Side Projects

  • A Look at Medium Author readership growth curves
  • Let your readers become part of the content. A 2D survey iframe you can embedd in your blog or landing page.
  • The missing frontpage of the Mastodon Federiverse.

Consulting Work DOne Solutions

  • Data Architecture Big Data for Stock Exchange HadoopSparkCloudera
  • Distributed Algorithm for Order Book state reconstruction from historical trade data SparkScala
  • Medical Claim Embedding Space from Medical Insurance Metadata RSent2Vec
  • Medical Records Diabetes Risk Prediction RirlbaH2O
  • Medical Insurance Claims Adjudication Automation RC++Python
  • Claim Processing Time/Complexity prediction R
  • Automate Model refresh loop of Productive Machine learning Model (Data aquisition, Model training, Model Evaluation, Hot swap productive model behind live API) RC++SQL-ServerREST API
  • Datawarehouse Modeling and Generation Package C#SQL Server
  • Data Architecture Datawarehouse Belgium Healthinsurance Data-Vault
  • Deployment Automation Datawarehouse AnsibleOracleSybaseInformaticaSQL Server

Past Jobs

  • Data Scientist at Credit Suise investigating market behaviorsin timeseries datasets and developing algorithmic trading strategies Under Joerg Schmuecker Gamma TradingVolatility PredictionRScalaC#
  • Software Developer at Tufts Medical Center developing a Personalized Oncology Drug Suggestion Tool Demo Reinforcement LearningMatlabPHP
  • Neuroscience Researcher at University Of Texas At Dallas leading a Guanfacine Selective Attention inVivo Study under Marco Atzori . Pre-print here NeurobiologyAdrenergic receptorsMatlab